BMWC 15 was held in a summer of 2011 at the outskirts of Šumava Mountains, at the foothill of Kleť. This conference was organized by Eurik and Joanna and it was characteristic by a picturesque countryside in the middle of forests. The sunsets on the nearby hills were simply stunning. We also bathed in a swimming pool, just like we did at BMWC 5. There was another successful bardic evening with lots of songs and pagan poetry. The rituals were Celtic-oriented and they were constructed by a very specific way, combining both Wicca and Druidic aspects. It was also the first conference with a ritual organized by our international guests. Our trips to nature led to Kleť and a nearby Celtic settlement, where we also had a ritual. The accommodation was similar to BMWC 9 (a cottage camp for children) but with much better results.