BMWC 6 – Malá Skála

BMWC 6 was held in autumn of 2005 in Malá Skála. Conferences in these years had usually from fifteen to twenty participants and this one was no exception. BMWC 6 was the first one to be organized not by a single person but by a team (in this case it was Zahrada and Baraka). This conference picked up on the attempts of structured agenda (from BMWC 3) and finally made it a reality. The agenda was given to the participants beforehand and it had a clear time schedule. Apart from trips to nature, we had lectures on various topics, workshops with pagan-inspired drawing, meditations, runes and so on. We went for a trip to Frýdštejn castle. Changing seasons had a great impact on this conference (in a good way) because its first half was an indian summer which then suddenly changed into winter and snow storms. We had to feel this change first-hand on our trips. All participants still hold a nostalgic memory of a tap in a common room that poured not water but beer. BMWC 6 was the last conference that was closed and based only on a friend network among participants. BMWC was unknown to public until that time.