BMWC 7 took place in April, in Bílé Karpaty (White Carpathians) on Czechoslovak border. In terms of a number of participants and diversity of the agenda, this BMWC left all other conferences so far pretty much behind. We launched this website. BMWC has not been closed anymore and anyone has been able to apply. Stricter rules were stated (because of safety issues). The event was again organized by a team and this concept proved successful. People with various views and attitudes towards magic and paganism attended BMWC 7 and in spite of their differences, they were easily able to respect each other, share their knowledge and make new friends. For the first time, the program was not only in Czech, but also in English because we had participants from places like Slovakia, UK and also USA. BMWC 7 has therefore become far more interesting and colourful than any BMWC before. We provide you here with an excerpt from the agenda:

  • workshop with runes, meditation and foreseeing exercises
  • reading and analysis of a mythical poem about a Battle of Trees
  • four-hour astrology workshop
  • a journey with Taliesin the bard, divided in three part (introduction into the myth – see above, pathworking and a creative workshop)
  • seminar: systematic constellation and rituals
  • shamanic ways and drum playing
  • a journey with a Spring leprechaun (games in nature)
  • Nordic ritual sunbel