BMWC 12 – Brumov-Bylnice, 2009

BMWC 12 was held in Bílé Karpaty (White Carpathians), in a spring of 2009. The place was the same as in BMWC 7. That is an interesting fact, because no other conference was held at the same place twice. It was organized by Lithin and TPM. This conference was the first one oriented on Slavic gods. This BMWC (just like BMWC 7) had a very strong atmosphere. This is considered to be true because of the place where it was held. The numbers of international guests also rose dramatically at this conference. Examples from the agenda:

  • A ritual to honour Jarovít and Lada
  • Making of the major arcana cards – gallery
  • Dramatization of a Germanic myth
  • Invocation of Dumuzi and Innana – a dramatization of a myth
  • A lecture on a history of kabbalah
  • Tree hugging and communication with trees – a workshop
  • a moderated discussion about paganism

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