BMWC 11 – Sloup v Čechách, 2008

BMWC 11 was held in a late summer of 2008, in Sloup v Čechách, at a foothill of a limestone rock with a castle on its top. The main organizers were Eurik and Joanna. This BMWC was strongly aimed at a ritual practise. As a part of this conference, there was e.g. an experimental evocation in an abandoned ruined castle, ADF rituals or a mythical drama in a natural amphitheatre. There was also a long way through a cave tunnel with a workshop at its end, which left a strong impression on all of us. And another part of the agenda worth mentioning was a game in orientation combined with questions about various pagan-related topics. It was kind of a pagan “treasure hunt”. It was one of the most interesting BMWCs so far, concerning the diversity of the agenda. Examples from the agenda:

  • Rites in a way of ADF
  • Pagan chants creating workshop
  • Moderated discussion about divination
  • Showing of photos from Norway
  • A lecture on animals and their shape-shifting skills in fairy-tales

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